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Moving is near the top of the list of the most stressful situations that we go through in life, but starting at the very bottom of your preparation list is the easiest way of significantly reducing the amount of potential stress. Organising the supplies for your big move is an essential part of your preparation and should be done as early on as possible!

Coastline Removals are always on hand to stock and supply the essentials for our customers to be as stress-free as possible. Having the right boxes, tools and equipment to pack your life away is vital, so let’s look further into the necessary supplies for making your move a successful one.


One of the most obvious and popular items to have is the cardboard box. These are rather cheap items, even when buying in bulk. If you are lucky enough to be friendly with a shop owner, they may be happy to supply you with cardboard boxes for free, just ensure they are high quality. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have access to boxes, Coastline stock amazing quality cardboard boxes that have never been used.


The next most popular box is the plastic box. The price difference between cardboard and plastic boxes is rather noticeable; however, the difference in strength and durability is incomparable. A plastic box is capable of carrying significantly heavier items as well as being optionally see-through. Using see-through boxes can make your life extremely easy and removes the need for extensive labelling. You can see exactly what is contained in each see-through plastic box whenever you like!

Should you desire to find out more about essential moving supplies then do not hesitate to get in touch with the Coastline team, who are always on hand to ensure your move is a stress-free as possible!