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Moving house alone is one of the most stressful things we will encounter and so moving with pets can even more pressure to the whole process. Pets can experience stress just like us and so it is vital that we do what we can to minimise distress and ensure a smooth move. If you’re currently looking for Home Removals in Chester or North Wales, here are some of the things you can do beforehand to reduce stress and increase efficiency.

Change Of Address

Before you move, you will want to make sure your pet-related documentation is up to date and changed to the correct address. If your pet is microchipped, you will need to make sure that the new address replaces the old and likewise, if they wear a collar, the new address will need to be engraved.


If you are moving to a new location, you will need to do some research on a new vet. This is better to do before the move as its one less thing to think about and means you can be organised if you need to visit, you never know when you may need to.

Organise a Room and a Guardian

By guardian, we mean allocating someone the responsibility of checking on your pets throughout the day, whether it be you, a family member or friend. You will want to check that they aren’t distressed and that they are fed and looked after throughout the moving day.

Inform Your Removal Team

You will need to inform your removal team of your pets so they are aware on the day, this keeps your pets safe and also means that the team who are carrying out the removal can be cautious and keep away of the room they are in.

Moving Pack

Prepare a moving day pack for your pets that includes toys, blankets, pillows and food/water. This means that when you reach your new home, they will be surrounded by familiar items and feel more at rest. It also means you are organised so it will be easier to look after them on the day.