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You’re rushing to complete so you can finally move into your new home, but before you frantically start packing boxes and booking moving vans you should take a look at our handy checklist to make sure you’re not missing anything vital.

Ask Questions

Make sure that before you move in that you ask these last-minute questions. Not only will it make your life so much easier, but it will probably save you a lot of time.

  1.       Where is the main stopcock (to shut off the water supply)?
  2.       Where are the gas and electricity meters?
  3.       Do any of the surfaces in the house require special cleaning?
  4.       What day are the bins collected?
  5.       Do you have any old tins of paint in the same colour as the walls, or do you know the colour codes?
  6.       Do you have any warranties or manuals on the electrical items?
  7.       Do you know the brand of the tiles in the kitchen or bathroom?
  8.       Where did the fixed furniture come from, for example, kitchen cabinets?
  9.       Which company currently supplies their energy, broadband and landline?
  10.   Where is the thermostat?

There are quite a few questions to remember and it’s unlikely that you will. It’s a good idea to write these questions down, or the most important ones to you, so you can ask the current owners.

Compare Removal Companies

If you are moving with lost of furniture and bulky items, and especially with a family, over the years you would have accrued so many things. It’s a good idea to find the best removal company Chester for your needs. Not only do you need to weigh up the services that they provide but also making sure you get great value for money. Finding a good removal company doesn’t necessarily mean choosing the cheapest as even though they may be cheap, they may only offer half of the services than others who may charge just a little bit more.

Depending on whether you live a busy lifestyle or not, you should also look at packing services and especially packing materials to make your move as safe as possible without any valuable breakages.

Redirect Your Post

If you’re not sure who is moving into your property after you leave it is a good idea to set up redirection of your post, to ensure that any bills or other mail that you’ve not got round to changing your address for still reaches you.

Clean Up

Before you go right ahead and start moving your stuff in, make sure that you go over to your new house and give it the once over. The previous owners may have left it in a horrible state, so it’s best you tackle the grime before you move everything in.

Not only that, it might be worth giving the walls a lick of paint or doing repairs beforehand to reduce extra cleaning or having to pack all your stuff away again to avoid breakages or dust.

Extra Tips For Moving Day

  1.     Label boxes with which rooms they need to go in and a description or list of what exactly is inside. This will help when it comes to unpacking and unloading the van on moving day.
  2.     Put screws, bolts and extra bits for furniture in freezer bags a tape these to the relevant pieces of furniture so you know what belongs to what.
  3.     Protect your flooring by using cardboard boxes or sheets.
  4.     Always put your furniture in the room first, followed by the boxes. This will minimise having to move boxes around the room.
  5.     Make sure you have lightbulbs and that they work. The last thing you want to do is have to pop to the shop because it’s suddenly got dark.




Moving Home Checklist
Article Name
Moving Home Checklist
Before going ahead and rushing to pack all your belongings, take a look at our handy checklist that we have created to make your move a little bit easier.