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Moving can be a stressful time for you and your family, and that includes the beloved family pet. Imagine being in their position, being amongst the chaos of moving boxes and stressed out humans. Sounds terrifying right?

Pets may be your last consideration when it comes to moving, let’s face it, you’ve got enough on your plate. However, moving can be as stressful for them, and maybe even more so, by being forced into an unfamiliar territory.

There are ways in which you can ensure your pet is ready for the move listed below.

Talk to your vet

If you are particularly worried about your pet before moving day, talk to your vet. Your vet will be able to advise you on behaviour modification techniques or provide medication to take the stress away from those who particularly dislike travelling. It is important that when you do talk to your vet that you do the following:

Update your address

If you are moving but not too far away and wish to use the same vet surgery, now would be a good time to update your address, phone number and if they are microchipped to have that information updated also.

Medical Records

Before leaving a vet surgery it is important to either arrange to have your pets medical records transferred or to obtain them to give to your new vet surgery. When looking for a new vet surgery it is important to set up an appointment as soon as you move in order to get established, especially if your pet requires regular medication. It is likely that your new vet surgery will only administer medication once they have done an initial check-up.

Keep Things Normal

Try to pack everything over a longer period of time rather than all in a rush last minute. If you are moving with cats it’s an idea to get their carriers out a few weeks before moving day to get them reacquainted with it. Make sure when you are packing that you don’t pack any food, water, bowls or medication away, and even their favourite toys, so you can take these with you.

Pet Sitter

On moving day, it is important that you have your pet out of the way when furniture and boxes are being moved around. Find a friend who wouldn’t mind pet sitting for find a place away from all the noise such as a dog or cat care centre. It is important that you do go visit them when you have a spare moment to reassure them that nothing is going on. It is advisable that you don’t keep your pet locked in a room whilst moving around is going on as it can make them feel anxious from all the noises and new people in your home. If keeping them locked away is an absolute must, then find a quiet room and make sure they have plenty of fresh water and a favourite toy to play with. Don’t forget to put a sign on the door to make your moving team aware too!

After Moving Day

After moving day, it is important that you don’t let your pets roam around the neighbourhood until they get acclimatised. Take them out on a leash so that they can explore their new territory first and show them exactly how to get home. Chances are that if you let them out in a new place right away, they might get lost or runaway due to stress. Also, make sure they have their new identification tags if the worst does happen.