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So, you have the home of your dreams and are just about to/ have just moved in! You are about to move in. Your memory flashes back to your old place, where things would often move out of place, get lost and even broken, all because of the mess and clutter. The mess and clutter in turn would make things frightfully difficult to clean.

Make your bed

The most visible surface in the bedroom is of course, the bed. An unmade bed can make a room look incredibly messy. If tucking the sheets in is not your thing then you can swim to a duvet with a movable cover and you can launder it each week. All you have to do is pull it up and boom, your bed is tidy! Bonza.

Empty the dishwasher each morning.

Have you ever timed yourself doing this? You will know that emptying a packed dishwasher takes about 5 minutes. You can do it while your coffee brews or while you wait for the kids to get ready. An empty dishwasher stops the dirty dishes from piling up in the sink, making your kitchen look like a mess.

Clean up after each meal or snack.

Just wash the plates and bowls up straight away, that way there will be no issues. Since you already emptied your dishwasher that morning, there shouldn’t be a problem! Just wipe down your surfaces.

Do a load of laundry every day.

You don’t need to spend ALL weekend doing the laundry if you just do a load a day, if you can’t decide what to wash, use a laundry sorting hamper and grab the one that has the most clothes. Start a load before heading to work or taking kids to school and transfer it to the drier when you get home. BOOM

Wipe your sinks and taps.

Toothpaste splatters and hairs in the bathroom sink look very nasty, grab a homemade disinfecting wipe and spend a minute spiffing the sinks up after you get ready for the day. Teach the kids to do this in their bathroom too.

Sort and recycle your paper.

Keep papers piling up in the kitchen and dining table by dealing with the post as soon as you walk in the door. Run junk mail through the shredder or scrunch it up for the wood burner. You can keep most of the dirt out by lacing floor mats both inside and outside of the exterior door. Vacuum or shake them out every few days. BOOM

Tidy up the countertops before bed.

Before you head up to bed, give the kitchen a quick once over and put away any clutter, in the bathroom put away your toiletries and jewellery. The same goes for your table. Do NOT let it turn into a catch all.

Get picky with your carpet

We need to vacuum high traffic areas once every two days, but not everyone can do that. Make it a point to pick up little messes like cat hair, scraps of paper between regular vacuuming and it will look nicer all week long.

Run a kitchen sweeper nightly.

Brooms and dustpans are an absolute hassle, thanks to cords, vacuums aren’t much better than that, use a multi surface sweeper every night to go over the kitchen floor. It’s easy enough to use that your kids can do it as part of their evening routine. Performing these tips to keeping a clean house just takes a few minutes a day but can keep your home looking clean forever, no matter how busy life gets.