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When moving house, we can often get caught up in packing all of our belongings, planning on unpacking them as we settle in. However, we often forget that we need to remember to keep some essentials to the side for use on the first night! It’s an awful feeling when we can’t find what we need and so here’s a list of some of the essentials you may want to pack separately in an overnight bag for your first night in the new house.


Things we use everyday but forget their importance until they’re missing. Think about what you use on a daily basis; toilet paper, hygiene items, makeup, shampoo, body wash & towels. These are items you will most likely need and therefore, it’s important they’re accessible.

The Basics

Similar to toiletries, these are mundane but very important items. Don’t forget to bring some bedding – you don’t want to be sleeping on the floor! Cleaning supplies also wouldn’t go a miss, you’ll want to have them at hand as the day can bring unexpected jobs. Clothing is another essential that would be great in a separate suitcase or bag, will you be going to work the next day? Maybe you have other commitments – having these packed separately will make your life much easier and your morning less stressful!


Don’t forget any important documents you might need on the day or the next day. Passports, IDs – anything that you might need.


Take out menus or food will be important, especially when you are working hard on the move. Tupperware would also be useful if you want to store food whilst unpacking – maybe some prosecco for the occasion?


If you have pets they may feel stressed during the move, remember to pack some comforting toys or treats to keep them at ease. Also remember to keep some of their food and bowls on hand!

With lots to remember on the day, having the above essentials above easily accessible can save you hours searching though your boxes and bags.