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Getting a new house is very exciting. It is an occasion that will eventually be worth all the hassle of packing up, moving and unpacking again!

Beyond this, there is mention all the admin stuff you have to do to register at your new address for everything. To make this process a little bit easier, we have compiled some of the best advice for you to ensure a smooth and easy move.

Before you start on anything, make a list of the rooms you need to pack and give yourself a date deadline to ensure you keep everything going smoothly to plan. For example; Master Bedroom: April 29 to May 2.

Start packing up the area of the house that is used the least, for example, a reading room or play room would probably be less essential than the kitchen or bathroom. Make a point to pack ornaments or decorative items, before the necessities such as cookware and toiletries, bed linen and curtains.

Organise all your things in categorised/labelled boxes

Prepare boxes that will be suitable for your goods size, type and weight. Try and pack similar things together, for example, all your shoes, all your clothing and all your books. Be careful to not overfill something with heavy items though, as it can be very difficult to move after. It will make things a lot easier for your chosen removal companies North Wales.

If you are feeling super organised, sub categorise further. For example, with items for the kitchen you could have; ‘bowls and plates’, ‘cups and mug’ and ‘pots and pans’ to make things even easier for when you unpack at your new home.

Label items

If you hadn’t already thought about labelling your things, here is your prompt! Packing and unpacking is much easier when things are labelled. If there is one main take away point from this article, it is to undertake effective labelling! You should use a dark coloured market for this and the bigger you can label the better! If something is fragile, make sure you note it on the box, which will ensure care if taken when shifting this around.

You should try and pack your own items where possible. This way you will make the packing process much more streamlined and memorable – after all, you will be the one who knows where everything is.

Get some help from friends and family

Ask for a helping hand from those that will be most willing. More hands will mean quicker packing. You can return the favour further on down the line. If you want a ‘packing free’ experience, you can use packing services that take away the tedious part of the process.

Throw away your unwanted items!

When packing up all your things, you are immediately creating an idyllic opportunity to throw away all your old and unneeded items. Throwing these out will mean that you don’t have to pack them for house moving. The house moving process will be made much less troublesome with fewer items and less boxes to deal with.

If you need help in packing and moving, give Coastline Removals North Wales a call!