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Moving home is among some of the most stressful things that we have to endure in life, and is really that surprising? For those who have moved home, you know full well how much preparation, planning, cost, and period of waiting. Yet, all of this stress can be doubled when you have young children to worry about. Not only do you have to worry about the safe transportation of all their prized possessions, but you also have to take into consideration the fact that it may have an impact on your children’s stress levels due to the drastic change. Let Coastline Removals provide you with some advice on moving home with young children.

Breaking It to Them Gently

Before the moving home process actually begins, you need to break it to your children that you won’t be living in your current home anymore. This can be a rather scary concept for your child; the place they call home and feel at home the most will no longer be that place. The first thing that you should do is to call a family meeting and discuss the fact that you will be moving to a brand new home. It is a fantastic idea to have some pictures ready of your new home so your children can begin to visualise living there as soon as possible and, if possible, a picture of your child’s new room.

It may be a fun idea for the family to prepare for the move together. This can involve research online, letting your children discover more about their new home and the area you will move too. Doing this together should ease them gently into a positive frame of mind about moving home. Once you finally move to your new home, you will have the opportunity to take your children to the places that you found online. This will be a pleasant experience for the entire family and will shine a positive light on the move.

Make sure that you children’s questions are answered. They are sure to have lots of them, so take the time to ensure their feelings are heard. They are likely to ask things like why are we moving? Are the pets coming too? What about my friends? Ensure that every single question is given a detailed answer, and this is guaranteed to reduce your child’s stress levels significantly.


Packing away belongings can be just as stressful for your child as it is for you, even if they aren’t doing any of the work. Seeing their toys being put into cardboard boxes will not be an enjoyable site; a child will often jump to the conclusion that they will never see their toys again once they are packed away. Reassure them that they will be reunited with their toys as soon as they arrive at your new home. It can be helpful to ask our moving team to put the boxes of children’s toys in last, so they can be the first thing to come off the removal van.

Allowing your children to decorate their individual boxes will help them feel much better about the packing and moving process. It is often a good idea to allow your children to pick out a small collection of their toys to have on the journey so that they have a small sense of familiarity as you travel from one place to another.

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