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You may have looked around a few homes now which has given you a good indication of what’s out there, for what price. Perhaps you’re looking for more room for your family, or are maybe even looking to downsize  now the ‘children’ have moved out! If you haven’t moved house in a long time you might want to consider a few things before you decide to make the big leap. After all, it can be hard to decide if it’s truly your dream home after a single viewing. Size, windows, neighbourhood and  choosing Removals Bangor; they’re all things to consider.

Size – The biggest mistake people make when it comes to buying a new home is buying the size they need right now. But you really do need to plan ahead. Are you planning on having more children who can be accommodated, or if family members are leaving home, do you really want two spare rooms?

Lighting – Think about the kind of lighting that used in your in your ‘new home’ during a viewing. Is it very artificial? If so, this could be an indicator that it can be gloomy. Lots of natural light will save you electric and has mood enhancing qualities, which is great for the early morning risers of the home. Home orientation will be the biggest influence here, so colder climates might want to opt for a south facing home to maximise light.

Flow of your home – The current owner may have chosen a style and furniture flow that work perfectly for them. But can it accommodate your largest furniture in the way you would like? The aim is to choose something that can be adapted for your family rather than you having to adapt to meet needs for your home.

Weather conditions – It can be convenient to move during summer when the kids are off school and you have longer days to get everything prepared. But have you thought about what your ‘new home’ will be like in winter? Old stone buildings can be susceptible to damp in winter so be sure that moisture levels are checked before you move in. Do you need a garage to keep you and your vehicle dry on rainy, wintery days or perhaps just a drive that’s situated close to your entry.

Neighbours – Joined houses can be pain for those who have noisy neighbours. This can be quite the adjustment for those who haven’t lived in a terraced house before and if you’re not willing to take the risk, you should opt for a private home which will make a big difference to how quiet your home will be.

Second Viewing – Always go for a second viewing. Buying a home is a big commitment which will take a lot of your time and energy, so you need to be sure that it’s absolutely ideal for you. Take some measurements to be sure everything will fit nicely or so you can order fresh furnishings if you need to.

Book Removals Early – When you finally have decided to take the big leap and your new home is definitely the right one for you. Book your removals as soon as you have a firm moving date to be sure to get the best price. Most will give a free quote for you to compare prices and professional removals will help you make the process run as smooth as possible for your during this exciting time!