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Moving home can be stressful and exciting – even for us adults. So it can be a little difficult to imagine how it might feel for children, particularly when they might be experiencing their first move.

When we first think of moving with our kids, it’s incredibly easy to think of all the negative factors that go along with it; having to make new friends and start again. But the truth is that we can make this a really positive learning experience for our children, which gives them a good opportunity to build character and make even more friends.

The truth is that moving home can have a positive impact on your child, especially when you create a fun, and constructive experience they can learn from. Here’s what other home movers and removals bangor recommend doing to give their children the best moving experience.

Let your children help you make decisions – The scariest part about moving home is losing a sense control over all things familiar. Of course, giving your child the choice of what colour they would like to paint their new bedroom, bedding or carpet colours can be really rewarding during this transition.

Talk the move up – Psychologist Anita Abrams says that you should think about preparing your child for the move as you would prepare a child to go to school. It is important to relay all the positive factors so that they feel prepared (and excited) ahead of this big change.

Rewards – Throughout this exciting time it’s a good idea to reward your child to make the entire experience much more pleasant for them. Think about allowing them to have a sleepover party once you’re all settled in so they can have something to look forward to.

Recording Memories & Saying Goodbye – Particularly for smaller children, it’s always a good idea to make something they can take away and make memories. Many recommend making a memory book, taking and gathering lots of old photos the whole family can look back on. It also gives your children a proper opportunity to say goodbye to the home, preparing them for the new and exciting things to come.