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The Last Minute Questions You Should Ask Before Moving Day

The big day is nearing closer, and amongst the excitement you might be experiencing some last minute panic, wanting to make sure you have everything in place and ready for your move. Whether you’ve moved numerous times before, or are moving in to your first home – buying or renting, there’s certainly a lot to …

Moving with Children

Moving home can be stressful and exciting – even for us adults. So it can be a little difficult to imagine how it might feel for children, particularly when they might be experiencing their first move.
When we first think of moving with our kids, it’s incredibly easy to think of all the negative factors …

5 Things Nobody Tells You About Moving Home

Whether you’re moving for the first time or just trying to plan ahead, it’s always good to be in the know, so you are as prepared as possible when you eventually do.
Prepare months in advance – Nobody tells you just how long it takes to plan the big move but ideally, you want to …

How to Make Moving Day Run as Smooth as Possible

You’ve sold your home and it’s time to make the big move. The final step is getting everything from your current home and moved into your new one. It’s incredibly exciting but it’s also an incredibly strenuous process that may need some professional assistance. Your removal company Chester will be very experienced in moving all …

Reducing Stress During a House Move

Moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do in a lifetime and most of us will do it on average, seven times. So it’s incredibly important, not only to make the process smoother, but to your overall health that you do it in the least stressful way.
Prepare – Any home …